Emerging trends in hybrid education

Thursday, Mar 30, 20233:00 PM - 4:00 PM Africa/Abidjan

Meet our speakers

Alex Nirenberg

Director, Data and Analysis, Solution Strategy and Enablement, Kaltura

John Couperthwaite

Senior Customer Success Manager, Kaltura


As educational institutions recognize the significance of hybrid events -- and the fact that their digital audience is larger and potentially more valuable than those who attend in-person events – they also find themselves facing challenges in efficiency, juggling multiple tools and struggling with structural alignment across teams.  


We surveyed 450 higher education leaders and professionals to understand how they are (and aren’t) meeting the demands of today’s hybrid learning standards. Join Kaltura’s Alex Nirenberg and John Couperthwaite , as they discuss our latest research into the challenges facing academic technologists, teachers, and learners in supporting hybrid learning.   


Some of the topics we will cover:  

  • The latent opportunities of hybrid learning  
  • The collaborative environment as it stands today 
  • The need for updated methods of organization and assessment 
  • Top areas for improvement 
  • The value of the hybrid audience 

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